Thursday, 11 February 2010

This is what peik taught us on forth day 11.2.2010

On forth day of our training we discussed many issue and doing alot of prctical training like telling what we know about Freddie Mercury,and Abdulrazak Gurnah connection with Zanzibar and as you can see to my previous post i tried to tell what i know about them which is Freddie Mercury is musician born in Zanzibar live in england but now he is dead also about Abdulrazak Gurnah is a novol writer live in Britain born in Zanzibar so you can find that is the connection between those two people with Zanzibar.

Also peik told us to find the web we can find Uefa champions league and its details concerning matches,time of match,ground and the place,not only that but also we find the website of confedaration of african union(Caf).And the last task to give us is practical assignment which he gave us an option to choose to write a short story concerning Barack Obama child hood to seach information and to compile short feature story,to explain why some people in different countries are boycotting products of the Nesttle company,to tell about WTC7 building in new york and what happened to it on sept 11 2001,to such for information on the Aland island which are an autonomous area of Finland and what is similarities with Zanzibar,so on those issue every one has to choose one ,in short that is what we have been taught by Peik Johansson today

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