Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Today is wednesday of 10 feb 2010 is the third day of pur training,so i would like to tell some few things which we have done today since morning,we started on what we left yesterday on internet in everyday jounalism especial looking ways a journalist can benefit from internet and we see that we can do that by searching news for fact,also we see on how we can search information by using internet so we find tha on 2004 there were13 billions websites,also peik told us on how we can find the information that we want so he told us we have to know what we are searching for.

Peik also taught us on how we can presidents name,capital city of different countries and tha was an assignment he gave us we find president Barack Obama phone number,background of Bolivian president,capital city of Burkina Faso also he gave us an assgniment of finding contact information on malaria outbreak in Kagera district.
At last we did practical assgnment on contact information searching for media council of Tanzania,Zain Tanzania,Tanapa the last one is about GREEN BELT MOVEMENT to tell what is it which is a non-profit grassroots non-governmental organization (NGO) based in Kenya and a got that meaning after reading a story about Wangari Maathai and i found that in short i can say that green belt movement means undeveloped land like agriculture land,forest,health land,wild coutry around town or city,so that is what i had today and those are some not all what i have done is trying to make a summary on what peik tought us today, so thank you very much Peik.

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